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Here are just some of my feedback from some very happy pupils!

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"As i am typing this in place of my wife, as she does not understand english, Michael was very very helpful in helping my wife achieve something that she really thought was out of her reach! From start to finish, he was very very re-assuring and, helped her in every possible way to pass her test! Really highly recommended this instructor! Please, take it from me, his honesty and patience REALLY is something!" - by Jin Ying Xu




"Very patient instructor. Was really nervous with my previous instructor, but he managed to put me at total ease, and gave me huge encouragement to help me to pass the test. Top instructor! Highly recommended!" - by Stuart Wilson 

"Pleasantly pleased to have found my instructor that helped me to pass online! Just want to say that, back then, i was in the army, and came back for a few months break, and needed to get a licence before i set out again. He did everything he could to accomodate me to get a pass! Can't thank him enough! Thank you Michael!" - by Colin Swanshire

"Just passed my test first time, and what a relief! Was always such fun with Michael!! Never a dull moment with his lessons, and i would recommend all my friends in future to him! Thanks again dude! Will always remember this!" - by John O'Connor

"If ever you needed a relaxed instructor to guide you through the rigours of driving, he is your man! Michael is second to none with his expertise of the road. Trust me, you will not regret learning with him! Took me 4 months to pass with him, and thats because it took me a little longer than i thought to pass my theory! Thanks very much for your help Michael! Hope to be driving past (see what i done there? =P) you at some point in the future!" - by Robert Duncan 

"When i came to Michael, i was very nervous because prevously, i had failed 2 times with another instructor. However, he quickly put me at ease with his relaxed approach. His manouevres are a breeze! Before, i was struggling with parts of each manouevre, but the way he teaches you how to do them, it really is like childsplay! Thoroughly recommended and i would not say a bad word about this instructor at all! I cannot thank him enough!" - by Phil Saka

"Very good instructor! Don't know much english, but helped me very much! Very independant now, thanks to Michael!" - by Guo Qiong Chen 

"I recently passed with 3 minors and what was best about it also was that i passed before i can resume my uni studies again! Top instructor Michael for helping to accomodate my studies and helping me to pass 1st time!!" - by Pin Lang

"Just passed my test with 3 minors!! In a way, think i will be missing most will be our regular football chat! Top instructor! Cannot thank you enough mate!" - by Joe Buchanan

"Best instructor a girl could ask for! Lessons were productive and fun. Michael is your friendly neighbourhood driving instructor who is very kind and patient with his students. Felt safe and at ease throughout the whole experience. Highly recommended!" - by Yeemay Chau

"Fantastic instructor, very patient and took away all the nerves i had straight away! Always a great laugh with Michael, I'll definitely be recommending him to anyone that wants to pass their test and enjoy their lessons, because i certainly did, thanks again Michael for all your help!" - by David Hicks

"Michael is an extremely patient instructor! He knows how to keep you calm and relaxed in stressful environments. Never a dull moment in his car, you'll never forget the laughs! Driving with Michael felt so simple and having everything broken down bit by bit made it so easy! Thank you for everything! Couldn't have chosen a better instructor." - by Hannah Siobhan Doherty

"Very, very happy with pass! Very independent and will do good for job! Thanks Michael, very, very good instructor!" - by Xin En He

"Thanks very much for all your help. Thank you Michael! =)" - by Guizhen Zhu

"Best instructor in Glasgow" - by Ian McLellan

"A superb instructor! Not only did Michael teach me the skills needed to pass my test, he taught it in a way which made everything seem very simple. His patient and encouraging approach to teach really helped in boosting my confidence which eventually led me to pass my driving test! Honestly, a fantastic instructor! I would highly recommend Michael to anyone!" - by Wan Hei Chan

"Thank you for always encourage me, you are a very good instructors! Thanks again!" - by Mei Li Xie


"Thanks Michael. Will really miss my lessons. Thank you so much for your patience. Without you it couldn't have been possible. Thank you so much." - by Neha Kaur Atwal

"Thank you so much for teaching me!! Dont think i could've done it without you!!!!" - by Rachel Liu


"Top instructor! Patience added with laughs a plenty! Lessons are such a joy and always tend to end way too fast...for 2 hour lessons! Best instructor in Glasgow by far!!! - by Becker Somer


"Thank you teacher! I can't do it without you!!" - by Shiyong Wang


"Extremely patient and helped me pass my test first time round! Couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor!" - by Jessica Lee


"The most patient and funniest instructor! Very responsible! Best instructor loads "Like"!!!" - by Aihua Deng


"Top class instructor, very much enjoyed my time with Mick. Patient and funny is an understatement. I would recommend him to anyone" - by Kieran Chung


"Mikey is a great instructor. I am going to miss our banter which we had during the lessons. Mikey made the driving lessons enjoyable. Today i passed my test but i am going to miss the lesson with Mikey" - by Abdullah Choudhery


"What a fantastic time I've had learning to drive with Mikey, fantastic guy and great teacher! Most patient individual I have ever met, especially at times when I've not been up to scratch on lessons! Would recommend any friends to book in with Michael! Passed with 1 minor today!" - by Andrew Forsyth


"Mikey is a fantastic instructor. He is one of the most patient people I have met. I'm sure he must get frustrated during some lessons but he never shows it. Lessons are relaxed and enjoyable but also a great learning experience. We have had plenty of laughs during our lessons as Mikey has a great sense of humour but is also very professional. I would certainly recommended Mikey to friends and family. Will miss our lessons. Tuesday mornings will not be the same" - by Donna Robinson


"Mickey, couldn't have done it wothout him, pushes you to your limits to get the great results, highly recommend him to anyone looking to start driving" - by Kieran Callghan


"Having had 2 previous instructors who I have struggled to progress with, Mikey by far has been the most patient and encouraging instructor. His relaxed and easy-going approach allowed me to achieve my goal. I highly recommend anyone considering driving lessons to give Mikey a call" - by Tanveer Kaur Gosal


"Passed first time... thanks to Mike for his constant and unwavering support and belief... I'm glad, i chose him... patient, understanding, and if you're being a bit of a wanker... he tells you, in a nice way.. ;-). I'll certainly be recommending him to anyone that needs his services ;-)" - by Joseph Martin Stewart


"Having recently passed my test first time with Michael, I can honestly he is one of the best driving instructors around. Having had no driving experience when I first began my lessons, I was nervous and lacked confidence in my driving, but working with Michael over the past year has allowed to me to become a more confident driver. Would recommend Michael to any nervous first time drivers, extremely patient and won't hesitate to explain anything twice." - by Gemma Hamil


"From the start to finish mike has put alot of patience and effort on molding me on becoming a responsible driver. I'm very grateful for what he has done. He is an amazing instructor." - by Kenny Chen


"Mikey for me has been an excellent instructor, not only is he patient but his communication is superb. If I was ever unsure of something and asked a question his ability to put his ideas forward really clicked for me. Ultimately he was able to help me become both confident and competent behind the wheel and lessons towards the end felt more like friends going out for a drive rather than driving lessons. I would thoroughly recommend Mikey for being an excellent instructor and a down to earth friendly person." - by Grahamne Even Muir


"Thanks for your time and patience, it's not as easy as the one I had before but got there in the end, wish you all good luck!" - by  Ken Hang Sang Lam


"Driving with Michael was great! He put a lot of effort into teaching me and gave me such great confidence that I had hardly any nerves on the day at all! Always very organised and would ask what I wanted to do each time. Thank you so much for all your hard work!" - by Vivien Yu